November 22, 2016


I had the best day shooting with the online TFG eMall for their raddest project this festive season #ClickGift. Concept wise we looked at gifting for friends and family all in one place, a one stop cross-shop over 11 stores at TFG online; with one checkout + one basket. So because I’m leaving for Mauritius in 3 weeks (wedding bells) instead of trawling through and actual mall this shopping season, I’m going digital and present shopping from my couch. And when I get to an absolute loss of what to get someone….  TA DA arrives the eGift Card the perfect idea when you have no idea what they want.

So I went crazy at their beauty store, just because I needed to prep all the beach going bits and bobs, but for you guys I thought a casual R5000 eGift Card to get you in the mood could be fun? So it’s giveaway time and all you have to do is…

1. Follow me @thevisualjournal on Instagram
2. Comment on my post that features one of these pics which brands you would shop at via TFG online
3. Use the #ClickGift hashtag

Click more to see ALL the brands you could shop with the gift card!
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September 26, 2016


This weekend was spent on the Outeniqua Pass at our country cottage reading and eating potjie. All the chill and none of the thrill, made for an easy get away from the city.

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August 25, 2016

CR Simple Things 4 Raya Rossi

Lets go back to basics, good cuts and even better fabrications. I’ve never been one to wear an old t-shirt to bed. Why does the bed deserve your poorest  quality clothes? You sleep for 6-8 hours a night, surely that time should be cherished? Your body is at its most relaxed, your skin should feel it too. I like a good oxford sheet, 1000 thread count linen and pyjamas to match. Linen, cotton, silk and viscose are all I can sleep in, your body needs to regenerate while it sleeps and there is no reason you can’t look put-together while doing it. Fresh face and crisp pajamas – what more do you need exactly?

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Shop Raya Rossi

August 21, 2016

RR 2016
The radio silence has been real, while trying to jungle general life, A Fashion Friend and the blog I have thrown in another fun project just because. Free time – not really but a creative hole that needed some kind of physical fulfilment, yes. So welcome to Shop Raya Rossi, luxury accessories handmade in Cape Town. Starting off with the major trend of the moment; chokers, and mad selection of styles and hardware to suit you all! The Explore il Deserto collection is inspired by the deserts of the world, with each neckpiece named after something dry and arid.

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July 26, 2016


Been really into beauty portraiture this year, and so here is another story for A Fashion Friend cropped above the shoulders. Metallic eyes for the win/ robotic fashion is here to stay.

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