July 2, 2019

With winter being here and work slowing down a touch I thought I might go back to a bit of blogging. So many articles have been flung around the inter web these past fews months about the death of the old school blog. With a couple counter pieces saying can Instagram ever replace this space? Either way one would not exist without the other these days, and that’s why when creating content (not my full time job obviously) it’s important for it to be accessible to all kinds of readers. I guess I am old school and still love reading a good blogpost / seeing images bigger than a square on my phone. It’s also something fun to do, I guess we can look at like a hobby. Which is how it began for most!  Learning something from someone else view is what this is about, so I in the name of sharing….

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May 16, 2019

What a whirlwind life has been these past few months, I suddenly woke up to it being May? What… how? A month away from mid year and clearly time had flown by! I had an incredible summer this season, with styling work back in full swing and traveling to Namibia (again) for almost 4 weeks during the festive time! I feel like life has really settled and I finally have some time to look around and take a big breath. With La Luna (my linen homeware brand specialising in scatter cushions if you didn’t know) carrying on, mostly as a supplier to interior design firms and private clients, my interior eye has been awakened to the magic of my home. A sanctuary of special memories, far too many dinner parties and a space where I can truly be myself. 

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September 16, 2018

So as a Capetonian you are NEVER allowed to wish the rain away, like ever. That shit is ingrained in us for the rest of our lives, however I am inclined to a little sunshine. In the mood for daytime linen sack dresses and silk slips to dinner, I guess this year the European summer has never been more documented on social media and even though we all know the reality is not what it always seems… summer is calling. And I am ready.
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September 10, 2018

Finding snow at the Southern most tip of Africa really is a bit of a mind-f$#*k just because you don’t naturally associate the two. But thats not to say that you won’t ever see ice capped peaks in and around the plains of Africa. There are actually a few places in Morocco, Algeria, Lesotho and of course South Africa where snow visits each year. I’ve seen snow in Europe before, mostly when I was young on family holidays but to think we spotted snow less than 3 hours away from Cape Town?
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