August 24, 2015

As I hit my mid twenties I have begun to consider skincare a rather important part of my life. Trying to keep the moisture in my face has become quite the pastime, after a make-up artist old me the fine lines around my mouth were a definitive sign of dehydration! Since then my water intake has been on the increase, and my moisturising routine on point.

I still suffer from blemishes but they don’t nag at me quite as much as the crows feet around my eyes or the discolouration on my cheeks. Sunscreen is your best friend my mum always says, your face is sensitive to any light sunburns or dryness from wind, so I always apply a little under my foundation.  Not to make out as if I am a beauty expert at all, I just know what works for me and my wellness. Preventative eye creams can’t do me any harm I feel, so why not start a light anti-aging around the eye? I’ve been applying Estèe Lauder’s Advanced Time Zone for a while now, it smells heavenly and doesn’t leave your eyebags feeling greasy. Winner.

SHADES/ Miu Miu at Sunglass Hut

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    Your social media portfolio just gives me the feels. Love this!

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