April 17, 2016

Planting 3 Raya Rossi
Spent the weekend back from Mauritius(will post about that soon) seeing friends and potting plants. Having assumed it would be miserable on cold on my return I have tried to wear jeans for 3 days straight, only to be forced out of my utility pants and back into a floppy dress. Where art thou rain? The light was too pretty Sunday afternoon not to snap a couple pictures of newly acquired bits.

1. Plants & pots from Starke Ayers + Ferndale
2. Dry shampoo from Batiste at Clicks. This shiz is the business. Also I bought it in the mini size for traveling and not only is the packing super cute, but the scent is a vibe.
3. Beauty Flash Balm from Clarins. I lather my face with this under make up in the mornings. It’s got such a gentle smooth finish.
4. Earrings, from a traditional shop opposite the Tamil temple in Mauritius. These beauties weigh a ton, but the tiny pearls make a soft swish noise when you move, and I’m really into it.Planting 2 Raya RossiPlanting 6 Raya RossiPlanting 5 Raya RossiPlanting 1 Raya RossiPlanting 8 Raya Rossi


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