April 29, 2017

A wondering day roaming the coastlines of Cape Town found us this little spot. I must say as adventurous as Luke and I are we never really explore the outskirts of home. We usually venture further to really feel like we’ve left the city, however on our beautiful public holiday this week we did a day drive to Pringle Bay and found this remote and private beach area. With stacks of sand dunes and no one for miles, we set up camp for the day and feasted under the sun.

We have been making some travel plans for the year and where I wish I could skip to a new country each weekend, but the reality is living at the tip of Africa can be tough. European holidays just aren’t a quick thing for us, thus heading that way means we need to see as much as we can over the allocated time period. We also are planning a journey through Botswana for the end of the year, another vast landscape. This time defined by the Kalahari Desert and the Okavango Delta, which becomes a lush animal habitat during the seasonal rains. The bush is my safe space, I used to think “my kinda” environment was more cultured or art based, and to an extent it is and I appreciate places with history and magic – but the bush is something deeper. As I wrote in my last post the earthy vibrations connect with me in someway, on a different wave length more real and wild.

Earrings – Lise Miller
Dress – Country Road
Shoes – Topshop

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