August 5, 2017

During the past 6 months of chaos I think I forgot about the why I loved blogging so much. The the truth is (for me at least) that blogging was always about sharing my cool finds. Things I thought were interesting enough to earmark for others. So even though I have a MOUND of photographs from Europe to go through, edit and upload I thought I might as well slot this in between.

I don’t really know where in the hierarchy of beauty brands Stila fit.. but all I can say is that I love it. I remember being in my teen years and bringing back a Stila bronzer from my travels that lasted 2 years despite being used by everyone including my mom. Not too sure when it landed in SA, the super on-it beauty bloggers were probably all over it when it did… but for humble old me I came across it in Truworths yesterday while having a browse, and literally applied and touched every tester product on the shelf.

First off it’s cruelty free, that… I have to say makes me feel good. Girl, you can get the shimmery highlighter without burning the hair off a bunny. Second they seem to have quite a range of correcting products… all those weird coloured palettes in green and orange to help soften dark eye circles and blemishes.

What stood out beyond (I even picked up the phone to call my beauty guru Mira) were the highlighters… I brought us back some stunning ones from & Other Stories (i’ll do a post on that too) but the Stila ones were too much for me. Creamy BEYOND in texture and ranging in three shades; from a light milky/ galaxy to medium pink glimmer and finally bronzed glitter. I went for Kitten – the medium tone seem to suit me best, but mostly cause I like saying kitten.

The next best thing I found was this HD illuminating balm… I guess it works like a strobe cream (so you wear it under foundation) but with a touch of coverage. So in fact you could rock it like BB cream if your skin doesn’t ned too much coverage (I wish).

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter – Kitten
Still HD illuminating beauty balm SPF30
Earrings – Mango found on sale for like 4 euro!

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