November 23, 2017

Bella Bologna aka La Grassa (the fat) city of the Emilia-Romagna region , the city my father comes from unequivocally holds a special place in my heart. I didn’t do many touristy things while there, as I have done them all in the past before. I mostly reacquainted myself with my ancestral home, spending time with friends and my amazing cousin who lives there.  You will never find a tour guide quite like a family member, they always take you to unreal places, secret restaurants and of course every back ally route into the centre of town.

Bologna is (in my opinion) the cuisine capital of Italy. Quite something if you rate Italy in general as a top contender for foodie prize of the world. The food is traditional, with a couple interesting variations/ modern takes in the more upmarket restaurants (you know those… the ones that try reinvent the wheel when actually a good tagliatelle a ragu is still why people come to Italy) … but if you trekking all the way to this magical city just make sure to eat at least one plate of pasta each day.  The best part is the shear amount of places to eat. Every corner has a couple of restaurants and for the most part they are ALL amazing.

Sunglasses – RayBan at Sunglass Hut
Dress – Joel Janse van Vuuren
Shoes – Camper
Bag – Thalia Strates

Tortellini alfrdeo (but no mushrooms cause I’m not into them unless my moms managed to disguise them in a risotto)
Anything with bolognaise  (ragu sauce)

Basilica di San Petronio (the main church, but there are so many to stumble across as well)
Fontana del Nettuno (this was boarded up for repairs when we were there…but I’ve seen it before and it is MAGESTIC)
Piazza Maggiore (cool hang out, often concerts on)
Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda (the towers)

We had one of the most magical nights just outside the Bologna, the hills are where residents hide out during the hotter months. Away from the centre of the city the temperature is actually bearable (I was there in July and it got to 38 degrees easily).

My cousin took us to a whimsical spot right at the top of a rolling hill, where we ordered everything, and note I am NOT exaggerating, on the menu to try for a table of four. That and a couple of bottles of Lambrusco had us rolling out of Bologna and on to Tuscany like little fat barrels of love and carbs.



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