December 3, 2017

Baring all this summer… I’ve managed to befriend the sun after a good 7 years of hiding out. I had a bad burn a while back and just avoided tanning after that! But Mauritius changed all that for me last year and it seems I have embraced the sun. And every kind of sunscreen, aftersun and moisturizer known to mankind. I’m just not into that weathered vibe, you know? The 70+ couple who still tans likes St Tropez circa 1975… (before we knew about UV light and skin cancer) – so yes enjoy the beach, but maybe add  these casual rules to your routine…

Rule 1 – hat/ umbrella/ boyfriends tee/ magazine/ cover face at all costs

Rule 2 – apply suncream to your entire body BEFORE leaving your house, this way you know you did a proper job at least once during your sun-day.

Rule 3 – reapply, reapply … never give up, like that guy who asked you out a millions times before you kinda gave in and eventually got married.

Rule 4 – avoid the sun between 11-2. It’s just too strong and we don’t have those hardy genes.

Okay enough about sun-care… I could go on for days. Once you have perfected your tan and want to show off those shoulders, slip into a décolletage baring top/dress… these two from Old Khaki are currently on rotation. I’ve been pairing them with tasseled accessories, denim shorts, floppy floral shorts and chunky Birkenstocks.

Shop the white top here & the black dress herePost in collaboration with Old Khaki. Pictures by Niquita Bento. 

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