January 5, 2018

The thing about remote overland trips is that you spend an incomprehensible amount of time confined in a car. So my advice is to find a copilot that gives you more highs than lows. Someone that lets you dose off without getting mad, keeps you laughing and has the same taste in music. I tried to keep a list of tips… or things that made my life more comfortable while traveling long distances by car.

  • Snacks, a good mixture of salty & sweet. There are only so many chips you can eat.
  • A good book, I read Origin & The Lost Tudor Princess on this trip, and am starting Sapians for the journey home.
  • Suncream for the window arm. This is how you avoid having one darker limb at the end of the trip.
  • Pillow, I took a khaki one from my linen range and it’s been the best car cushion ever. It also doubles up for nighttime use.

Dress – market in Bologna

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