January 2, 2018

I should start with a general overview for the next couple posts going live on my blog. Luke & I will have a spent just short of a month traveling Namibia and Botswana with 4  friends from around the world. And overland adventure consisting of bush camps, wild open spaces, animals and changing landscapes. In no particular order I am hoping to share with you some of my favorite places and stops along the way, this trip is about the journey – not the destination.
It’s so hard to write about Namibia without using the generalized descriptive words. It really is majestic, I haven’t traveled all of it, but the parts I’ve experienced have changed me. The southern parts are truly my favorite, the picturesque desolate expanse seems to fill my soul with serenity, unlike anywhere else. Plains of sand, canyons and never ending straight roads seem to quiet the mind, softening the noise of our technological lives.

From South Africa we cross the border at Noordeower and enter the IIKaras region, home to the Fish River Canyon and the smallest population in Namibia. The area is arid, dry with flat open lands and long dusty roads. This time round we made our way to Ai-Ais; a natural hot spring with a rest camp for weary travelers, the place was more communal than we are used to. We prefer wild accommodation, away from the chitter chatter and other people. Because our vehicles are fully kitted we really do try to be completely away from the lights and can be a 100% self-sufficient if need be.

Camping has never been a love of mine, some people enjoy the process of setting up a home and living with other campers in a kind of caravan park. This is not what we aim for; we are travelers, moving day to day and aiming to be as remote as possible. This being said Ai-Ais turned out to be one of our favourite spots, nestled at the foot of rocky mountain we set up our space in such a way that we were extremely private, not to mention the inanely presidential sized pool situated at the spring. The water was warm, with the blow jets burning you if too close. A crazy natural phenomena created by the inner working of our earth.

Our drive through this region was tranquil, yet all I could think about was how perfect of a location this country was for the filming of the most recent Mad Max.

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Canyon Lodge – Gondwana
Ai-Ais Hot Springs

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