January 17, 2018

Being our first time in Botswana, everything was exciting. Even the increased amount of roadside donkeys perked an interest. We entered via Ghanzi, a medium sized town NW Botswana. We stayed at beautifully remote camp close to a vulture sanctuary for a night. They have built  a hide underground so visitors can watch when they drag the feeding carcass from a neighbouring farm for the vultures. With a strong international funding this programme has been implemented for the conservation of this interesting and relatively private bird.

The next move was to our beloved Okavango, the river that runs through three countries Angola, Botswana and Namibia. We settled along the Okavango Delta, with lush green banks perfect for flourishing flora and fauna. The nearest town is Shakawe, incase you are looking on a map but once we got to our rest camp you couldn’t imagine being close to any sort of civilization. We stayed on the river for about 4 days at a place called Drotsky’s. An incredibly beautiful lodge set up along the river. They have luxury wooden cabins as we’ll as remote bush camps. In a nutshell review – this place is insane, the staff is warm, albeit a bit slow but with the baking African sun wouldn’t we all be?

The main lodge is spread out along the river with access to reception, pool, restaurant and cabins within an easily walkable area . We stayed further along the river at the jungle campsites which are incredibly private, safe and of course humid. We had a troop of monkeys knick more items than we’d like to admit, with wildlife walking in and out of our home the true sense of living in nature sinks in and you learn to adapt to magical new environment. Highlights of this designation had to be the bar setup, after a 5 minute walk a clearing opens up where they’ve built a hangout above the river. Sundowners every evening over the Okavango Delta might be one of my most cherished memories of this trip. The views are insane, and the bar is beautifully designed to to enhance and create the best vista over the river and back into the jungle. This spot was also where we would leave from for our fishing trips. Fishing… a new experience, I had only ever gone fishing as young girl so this was pretty much a new adventure for me, and my unused muscles.

We caught tiger fish, and threw them back in each time. It was thrilling, at one point 5 of us on the boat each caught a fish; creating pandemonium. While clambering over extended arms scrambling for my 17 million cameras I managed to capture some rather thrilling moments.  Our time spent in this isolated place breathed inspiration and motivation; how alluring it felt to live somewhere so remote, oh Botswana.

Drotsky’s, Shakawe Bostwana

Necklaces – lunar disc Laura Lee & color stones Lisa Miller
Hat – Country Road
White & khaki linen shirts – Witchery
Cream vest – H&M
Navy shorts – Witchery

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