February 5, 2018

We were lucky enough to do an swampfari (dubbed that by me) along the river one afternoon, it was the best viewing for close up hippos and to see how green the wetlands are within all the Chobe channels.

We took a boat from Chobe Safari Lodge – a really beautiful African hotel, which funny enough I went “missing in”. Luke and the boys started panicking after 45minutes of not being able to find me… I was tucked away in the outside curio shop buying all the tribal trinkets I could find. But on a serious note; this lodge is incredible, great for families and kids with a beautiful bar & pool overlooking the Chobe river and an adventure centre which can set up aniline of exciting excision you may have in mind. Except of course hunting, as it has been completely banned in Botswana since 2014. 

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