March 11, 2018

A colour I have been drawn to my entire life; partly because my surname means reds in Italian and partly because its the most powerful scarlet tone. It’s the kind of shade that makes you feel noticed, but also strong and fearless, it’s not for everyone so  people often shy away from a vibrant colour that calls too much attention. Red can also represent anger and heat; emotions and elements with negative connotations. However red for me needs to be harnessed, controlled so that you feel in charge, so that you are wearing it and not they other way round.
Utilizing its fiery passion makes you feel potent, capable and determinant, but also sensual and womanly. The essence of its desire captivates the heart and awakens the senses into an overdrive of passion. Red represents intent, no matter how you apply it in your day you can be assured while wearing it you will achieve what you set out to do. Take control of your week.

Necklace – Lisa Miller
Hat – Zara
Tee & Skirt – H&M
Shoes – Superbalist 
Pictures by Mira Leibowitz

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