April 2, 2018

Misplaced these pictures a couple weeks ago somewhere deep in my laptop (please tell me this happens to normal people as well) but managed to locate them over the long weekend! I remember putting this look together on a day I was feeling uber ill, and wanted something warm as it was overcast but somehow less corporate. And thats when the Victorian blouse came in, keeping it soft and whimsical, creating the perfect 830am spreadsheet tax meeting look. Other than that I bought this suit cause I felt ridiculous not owning at least one matching business look, even though I might never actually work a 9-5pm power job. I love how the pieces can be worn separately as well, the blazer looks great with jeans and the trousers are the perfect cut for a slouchy knit.
In other news I’m doing that thing again where I try clean out my wardrobe and start getting rid of the unworn, but my heart stiffens and makes me double think every item and how I could possible incorporate it into my life in the future. The problem right now is space, I can’t see half my clothes and thats the main reason I don’t wear them! What to do? Start hoarding in the garage until I get the walk in closet of my dreams? Send help.

Silk scarf – Vintage
Jacket – Poetry
Pants – Poetry (not online, but in store)
Blouse – H&M
Shoes – Superbalist

Pictures by Melissa Delport

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