May 10, 2018

Bakerboy hats, newsboy caps, poorboy; how fashion surprised us with comebacks every few years still gives me the shivers. I can remember wearing this trend as I left high school and started and university. Crazy how thats about 10 years ago, and even crazier how this trend just reinvents itself over and over again. After a serious power moment in the 90s with poorboy caps making headway at Chanel & Versace they died down and made room for the fedora, beret and it’s floppy boho counterparts. Now hunting for one of these before the made rush of fast fashion meant digging one out from the garage stash (of things I can never chuck out) / hunting in vintage or second hand stores and then finally a client from London brought me one as a gift in January this year and voila I was back on trend. Since then I have been posting on Instagram stories every time I find a new one in store for all you beauties to shop too in SA! Its May now and most of our retailers are on it, so finding them hasn’t been such a stress – but I found the holy grail last week. A black with gold chain trim and big buttons, just like the Chanel one all the supermodels rocked in the nineties, and it’s never leaving my head! Had to go all out after finding it, so here’s a look I’m rather into right now. I’ll link what I can below for you to shop.

Poorboy cap – Truworths
Poloneck – Mango
Jacket – Truworths
Skirt – Forever 21
Bag – Cyla Gonsolves
Shoes – Daily Friday at Superbalist

Pictures by Mira Leibowitz

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