June 26, 2018

I like to change up my skin care routine, A) because I like to try new things and B) I feel like my face gets used to products and then they just stop working. Which is wild… but dermatologists say it can happen. Skincare can become ineffective after a while, but everyone is unique and you’ve got to do what works.

I spent the past couple weeks trying Nimues new Agewell collection, which is in a nutshell and anti-aging formula but designed to work across all skin ages. I’ve been posting on IG stories about my thoughts, but felt a blog post might be easier to get my feelings across. Normally products like these are reserved for skin aged 35-60, but Nimue has developed a range you can start start young but still benefit from all it’s ingredients now. The three stages are:

  • Proactive 20s – I used this range.
  • Pause 30s
  • Restore 40+ 

I’ve tried my best to stick to just this range in order to see how it worked for me, and to make it simple AF here is a list of my experience:


  • Blemish inflammation reduced dramatically, skin felt a lot smoother
  • Redness reduced by face wash
  • Helped with my cystic cheek friends
  • Skin texture smoother thanks to the day cream & revitalising serum
  • 360 eye enhancer helped with fine lines around my eyes like a targeted hydration


  • Burns my eyes, so had to use a facecloth to wipe off the face wash
  • Night cream felt quite heavy, but was absorbed over night (I avoided my chin area) 
  • Day cream doesn’t have SPF

*All opinions are my own with no sponsorship involved.


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