July 19, 2018

Just outside of Serowe in Botswana was one of the most beautiful experiences we’ve had so far traveling Southern Africa – the Khama Rhino Sanctuary. It’s a wildlife project set up in ’92 to assist with the fast-pace diminishment of the rhino. What they have done for the species in this magical place truly brought me to tears. To see how the government has directed its military resources to the conservation of an almost extinct breed of animal was truly an eye-opener.

Lets be real Botswana isn’t in the middle of a war, so redirecting their armed-forces to the conservation of animals might be one of the most powerful statements for the planet.  Pairing this with tourism makes the visual presence of being able to see and feel for these creatures accessible to anyone. We noticed this approach taken all over Botswana as a whole. Imagine that? Diverting your country’s army to the aid of animal welfare. Claps all round.

With 8585 hectares of Kalahari Sandveld, the Khama Sanctuary provides prime habitat for white and black rhino as well as over 30 other animal species and more than 230 species of birds. After travelling for thousands of kilometres over weeks and weeks; we took a random right turn while exploring the park and there we were greeted with the sight of a family. A rhino family, safe and secure while living in their natural habitat. All the emotions, all of them flooded me. 

Hat – Country Road
Dress – Mango
Sandals – Birkenstock

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