May 16, 2019

What a whirlwind life has been these past few months, I suddenly woke up to it being May? What… how? A month away from mid year and clearly time had flown by! I had an incredible summer this season, with styling work back in full swing and traveling to Namibia (again) for almost 4 weeks during the festive time! I feel like life has really settled and I finally have some time to look around and take a big breath. With La Luna (my linen homeware brand specialising in scatter cushions if you didn’t know) carrying on, mostly as a supplier to interior design firms and private clients, my interior eye has been awakened to the magic of my home. A sanctuary of special memories, far too many dinner parties and a space where I can truly be myself. 

That being said I have always felt a little out of my depth when “decorating”, with fashion having been my first love I struggled to feed my home as passionately with furniture, frames and design-y items! Pinterest truly is your friend when it comes to sculpting a vision, I am more of the “ if it catches my eye I want it” person. Leading my home to be a slightly eclectic mix and match of things that speak to me, however they might not speak to each other?! But I have let go the worries of having a multi lingual home environment and now expect all my “things” to communicate. Does this make sense? Have I lost my mind a little? Perhaps. But isn’t that the best part of creating anything, especially a home. 

With this in mind; I have really enjoyed creating an environment with the help of my absolute adoration for linen, a friend who has the best taste and of course Orms whose frames have changed my walls, and cool custom printed items I can’t get enough of.

I have a couple of beautiful art pieces scattered across my apartment, but I love the pairing of photographs and painted pieces. It has such a “meeting of two worlds” feeling about it, I realised when I agreed to team up with Orms to show you guys my home that mostly everything had been framed by them! The past few years of collecting and printing has all been through Orms, mostly because they really are the best in the business, the quality is of the highest standard and their personal approach; especially the one on one consultations. They get what you want, and better than that they show you how to make it better. 

The Polaroid frame/ my memory wall
We live in a digital age, incredibly convenient and sad at the same time. The nostalgia of a printed photograph hurts me in some way; albums on your laptop or in the cloud just aren’t the same as the albums upon albums that my mom has of us growing up. My closest tangible memory are my polaroids. These are the extra special moments I have documented in our life that deserve a print version. Yet they were quietly collecting dust in a box until I thought of framing them and truly giving them a space in my home. This beautiful frame represents the last 3 years of my life, and I hope to create another and another and another in time. 
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The Special photo
I had this magical photograph of my late father and I scanned, repaired and printed for next to my bed. I shed some serious tears the day I collected it from the Print Room at Orms. Such a special moment to see it blown up and exquisitely framed in an earthy natural wood that so resonates with me and my home. I really wanted a photograph of my father to represent him somehow in my apartment, but without it feeling too morbid and sad. It’s the kind of image that reminds me to smile, to live life and to be grateful for all the magic we shared. 
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The Photobook
I received my first photo book from my sister-in-law as a wedding gift. Just the concept of it was enough of a gift in itself. I was hooked. Once again the digital era removes travel albums from being tangible thing, so besides an hour long slide-show how do you show your friends and family your most recent adventures? Orms has this easily customisable software that you download to your laptop and then you insert your pictures + text where and how you like. You honestly don’t even need to be computer literate to do it. Easy peasy and voila a coffee table book that initiates discussion and sharing of memories. I can’t wait to have a library collection of all the most interesting journeys I have taken. 
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The Calendar
Honestly one of the coolest, affordable gifts you can give! Insert 12 pictures and you have a totally unique calendar including family/ friends birthdays and a beautiful selection of photographs. I gave my husband this one of us for Valentines Day filled with images of us from our travels. 
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Blog post is in collaboration with Orms Print Room.