July 2, 2019

With winter being here and work slowing down a touch I thought I might go back to a bit of blogging. So many articles have been flung around the inter web these past fews months about the death of the old school blog. With a couple counter pieces saying can Instagram ever replace this space? Either way one would not exist without the other these days, and that’s why when creating content (not my full time job obviously) it’s important for it to be accessible to all kinds of readers. I guess I am old school and still love reading a good blogpost / seeing images bigger than a square on my phone. It’s also something fun to do, I guess we can look at like a hobby. Which is how it began for most!  Learning something from someone else view is what this is about, so I in the name of sharing….

The ever standing black boot tradition is one that many women reach for. How many classic, cool, eccentric black boots have you purchased in your day? It’s a staple, and you might invest in a rock solid pair to keep you going for years, but there is nothing wrong with a fun update now and then too. I like to stick to leather, but sometimes a cheap and cheerful “trendy pair” might be just what your winter wardrobe needed. Shop what I have found locally online!

Pictures by Mira Leibowitz