Winter Weekends

July 22, 2019

I feel like winter can seriously get you down, which is why it requires little pre-planning. Look at the next few months and plot a couple weekends away, maybe a lunch or two out of the city and generally a couple activities that keep you feeling pepped up.  Not that every weekend needs to be jam packed, I love a movie marathon, heater and take-outs just like the next girl, but having something to look forward too (when you don’t have a European summer break on the cards) can really help! 

We spent the weekend in the winelands, and honestly the weather was better and the fresh air totally reenergised me. I’d say the spa day helped, but what’s a luxurious treat weekend without a massage?! What is great about the Stellenbosh/ Franschhoek area is that there are so many places try try. Each offering wine-tasting(duh) but also insane 5 star meals and great spa facilities even if you just pop in for the day. 

We had a magical weekend feasting, walking, cycling, learning about the farm and relaxing at Babylonstoren, and ended off with lunch at Cavalli Estate where we met up with a couple friends. There are honestly so many incredible places to stay and things to see so close to Cape Town.

So even though I am due for a rough bush trip, I think I might request something a little more plush again, well at least until the sun property comes out. Not sure about you; but camping in the cold basically unleashes my inner Moaning Myrtle.

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