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August 12, 2015

So its seems we have an Afrikaans colour theme happening between Amy & I. A kind of inside joke we are hoping the outside work will join in on. Bruin is a representation of our absolute adoration for caramel tones and suede texture. Check out AFF’s August issue filled with editorials by some of SA’s leading creatives!

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July 10, 2015


July issue of A Fashion Friend is live, and featuring two of my stories! Check out the 70s inspired editorial shot with a killer team below! We went a little crazy with the green backdrop, and the big Vogue hair. Glamour is on rise – and Amy and I are into richness, deep colour & layers. Winter reigns supreme until September. Also do we need to chat about that congac fannypack? Kinda everything and more yeah?

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April 17, 2015


I really need to set up a online portfolio of all my styling work & editorials, pretty much one an issue x 63 for A Fashion Friend! It’s quite the journey, and good lord there are definitely some shocking pieces of work floating the interweb. With that said, all the young creatives that have grown together these past few years have developed and evolved. That’s what creativity is. My latest work for April issue, something a little more modern, clean & streamlined – but layered which is the focal reason behind my love for winter dressing. I worked with an amazing up & coming tea;  Stefan Snyman & Inga Hewett in studio for this Le Coq Sportif edvitorial. Giving the shoes a relevant context was our goal, creating an environment for the sneakers to live in within a realistic & fashion forward sense of styling is really what working with brands is about. As a stylist you always end up Art Directing as well, which is great when you have a team that is as awake as these cats.  I still cant get enough of Stefan’s studio lighting and its translations into these pictures. Raw and untouched, just how I like my gemstones.

Photographer: Stefan Snyman
Fashion: Raya Rossi
Hair & make-up: Inga Hewett
Model: Alex at BOSS Models
Design: Chris Kilchling

aff63_lecoq_02 aff63_lecoq_07 aff63_lecoq_06 aff63_lecoq_05 aff63_lecoq_03 aff63_lecoq_04aff63_lecoq_08-1aff63_lecoq_09-1