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February 14, 2016

Eros Rossi 3
I recently said goodbye to a magnificent man, a well travelled man, a man who had all the answers. Known fondly as the Yellow Pages of life, there was nothing he wouldn’t research, discover and contain. A wealth of knowledge and love. We would have celebrated your 56th birthday this week. Your loss has been unimaginable, the pain indescribable and yet you would say life goes on. As I slowly pick up the pieces that my Papa kept so well intact I share with you my friends and readers how precious life is. Cherish your loved ones, for their departure from this earth will never be easy.

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June 18, 2015

Inclement: Adjective (of the weather, the elements, etc.) severe, rough, or harsh; stormy. Oh the Winter season is upon us, which means an influx of layers, dark colours and my happiness. Easy as that, the merciless wind that pumps though Cape Town’s CBD is relentless and unkind.

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September 19, 2014

Topshop AW14 1

The baby faced supermodel of the year, Cara Delevingne, stars in the TOPSHOP AW14 collection. Shot by the incomparable Alasdair McLellan and styled by TOPSHOP Creative Director Kate Phelan – this black and white masterpiece of a shot shares what the brand is all about. Continue Reading…

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September 10, 2014


Sack life, more commonly known as tenting or the one-item-outfit; let me present to you my SS14/15’s key item le sac robe. This cupro majestic piece of cloth will accompany me through the hot sweltering Cape Town summer, it will avoid the beach with me, drink sundowners at civilised bars with me, it will come with me on production jobs out in Noordehoek 40 degree weather, join me on long drives up the Garden Route & lastly envelope me in its cool embrace during those heated nights. Last year my lusthave dress was green, this time midnight charcoal – each spring summer I have one sack, welcome darling, to your forever home. Eyewear wise I fell in love with these colour insert Miu Miu galactic plastic fantastic shades a month ago and had sleepless night over them. A couple surrealist dreams later they became mine, and have sufficiently glued themselves to my face. Lets be real; fun sunglasses are the only reason I tolerate the warmer months. Vamp out.

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September 4, 2014

Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 7

During our stay in Durban we popped past the coolest food-spot in town – Freedom Café. An easy-going relaxed lunch destination for the hippest residents of Durban. The surrounds are serene in a new age way, think fusion foods meet idyllic lake house. Try the prawn cakes & kale salad for the true experience. I also came to the realisation, while sipping on bubbly in this magical environment, that this dress may have just become my must-have for summer. Oversized in all the right places & a selection of prints to kill for; the warmer weather just got bearable for vampires alike. Celeste you are a genius!

Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 8  Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 5 Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 11  Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 13 Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 14Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 9Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 6

Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 12Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 10Freedom Cafe Raya Rossi 4

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