January 5, 2018

The thing about remote overland trips is that you spend an incomprehensible amount of time confined in a car. So my advice is to find a copilot that gives you more highs than lows. Someone that lets you dose off without getting mad, keeps you laughing and has the same taste in music. I tried to keep a list of tips… or things that made my life more comfortable while traveling long distances by car.

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January 2, 2018

I should start with a general overview for the next couple posts going live on my blog. Luke & I will have a spent just short of a month traveling Namibia and Botswana with 4  friends from around the world. And overland adventure consisting of bush camps, wild open spaces, animals and changing landscapes. In no particular order I am hoping to share with you some of my favorite places and stops along the way, this trip is about the journey – not the destination.
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December 3, 2017

Baring all this summer… I’ve managed to befriend the sun after a good 7 years of hiding out. I had a bad burn a while back and just avoided tanning after that! But Mauritius changed all that for me last year and it seems I have embraced the sun. And every kind of sunscreen, aftersun and moisturizer known to mankind. I’m just not into that weathered vibe, you know? The 70+ couple who still tans likes St Tropez circa 1975… (before we knew about UV light and skin cancer) – so yes enjoy the beach, but maybe add  these casual rules to your routine…

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November 26, 2017

Driving along the curvature of the Tuscan hills has to be one of my ultimate highlights of our trip to Europe this year. The sheer amount of medieval fortified towns in this part of Italy is crazy. Imagine tiny little villages & an assortment of vineyards and olive groves in every direction your eye can see.

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