April 10, 2017

Fashion Week 2.0 – this time with a cooler location, less wind (not by much) and a rather large designated parking area. Stand-out shows for me personally included Ituen Basi, the assortment of designers at Fashion Revolution, Taibo Bacar, Vernac and Stefania Morland. I was hoping for a more interesting hype from some of the other African designers, but it seems 3rd year fashion school crafting is still the norm there and by our own hands.
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April 2, 2017

Crazy beautiful landscapes this weekend in the Biewdouw Valley. Situated  between Clanwilliam and Uitspankraal, this section of terrain is desolate, with patches of greenery near watering holes. The rock formations are something else, a solid source of inspiration in my life right now! Been dreaming of an overland trip through Colorado, but settling for this right now isn’t a bad second option!

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March 30, 2017

Orange Tab is the latest collection of reinvented vintage by Levi’s. You know that good ole denim brand that keeps reworking the classics… this time round with a 70s flare, a couple stripes and the ever trendy logo tee. I’ve been living in their logo tee’s for the past couple months. Let’s say a slightly more affordable option to insta-famous Gucci, while still holding enough heritage to knock you to the floor.

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March 12, 2017

It’s been a couple months in the working, and making time for it has been hard. But finally Shop Raya Rossi has it’s own online store!

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March 6, 2017

A rather late start to 2017 from me, but hey living life is a real thing. We’ve bounced into the year after arriving back from Mauritius mid January, and have tried our best to keep the crazy momentum going. I’ll compile a wedding post for the blog, so you can have some insight into A) WHAT ON EARTH I was thinking hosting a destination wedding and B) how lucky and honoured I was to have friends lug their bikini bodies to this magical island.

But in the interim, we’ve been away most weekends in the spirit of summer! And I’ve just got back from our second home up the West Coast- Zula in Paternoster. Dreamy as always, and paired in blue and white because surely by now I am a responsible adult who can wear white without spilling a thing! Cut to a relatively amusing story about this romper… its first outing was to a beach picnic in Mauritius where I poured an entire glass of red red red red wine (que beats by Bob) onto my lap. The period joke got old after the first 20 minutes, but the fact that I got the stain out has nothing to do with my washing skills and everything to do with good ole Vanish. Good as new, this time round I delicately sipped sparking water from a bottle to avoid a repeat. Continue Reading…